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About us

Nice to meet! 

RampUp is a leader company in the field of organizational development. We specialize in performing sourcing & searches (executive searching) and managing the human capital in the organizations. By doing so, we create added value for our clients. with more than 25 years of management experience in startups, medium-

sized companies, and large corporations, locally and globally, in a variety of sectors, RampUp specializes in managing end-to-end HR solutions including recruitment processes, executive searches, and organizational development. We provide these services with a high level of service, guidance, and around the clock responsiveness for our clients.

why are we better?

The RampUp Team will work for you and in full cooperation with you and your managers to supplement the missing pieces in your company in the areas in which we specialize in: HR, Organizational Development, and Searching. We fully integrate into the organization and become an integral part of the ongoing activities of the company you run.

More professional, More efficient, More cost effective.


Shelly Silverstein

Shelly has 20 years of experience working with local and global companies and organizations in areas of HR, consulting for senior managers, recruitment, placement, employee training, management of employee payroll and benefits, organizational infrastructure planning and procedures as well as work methods and more. Throughout her many years of experience, Shelly has worked with companies in various stages of their life cycle, both in setting up small companies and leading them to business and organizational growth, as well as in managing and supporting HR departments in large companies, which include hundreds of employees worldwide. With extensive networking and knowledge in both technology and traditional industries alongside impressive human relations will guarantee deep understanding of your business needs and provides professional services. 

Dudi Inbar

Dudi has decades of experience in establishing and leading companies in Israel and abroad in a variety of fields. He has proven experience in business development, penetration into new markets, financial management, strategic planning, characterization and establishment of organizational infrastructures, leading organizational and business changes, and bringing companies to profitability and economic growth. Combined with a broad systemic perspective, attention to detail, informed decision-making capabilities in conditions of uncertainty, as well as creative "out-of-the-box" thinking, Dudi will create value for the services we provide to your company.


RampUp’s Australian Shepherd, with a proven track record in carpet chewing and ball chasing will bring your company an endless amount of energy and joy.

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