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RampUp is a leader company in the field of organizational development.

We specialize in performing sourcing & searches (executive searching) and managing the human capital in the organizations. By doing so, we create added value for our clients.

With more than 25 years of management experience in startups, medium-sized companies, and large corporations, locally and globally, in a variety of sectors, RampUp specializes in managing end-to-end HR solutions including recruitment processes, executive searches, and organizational development.

We provide these services with a high level of service, guidance, and around the clock responsiveness for our clients.

?Why are we better

The RampUp Team will work for you and in full cooperation with you and your managers to supplement the missing pieces in your company in the areas in which we specialize in: HR, Organizational Development, and Searching.


We fully integrate into the organization and become an integral part of the ongoing activities of the company you run.

More professional, More efficient, More cost effective.



RampUp aims to be the leading executive search and management firm in Israel, leveraging its expertise in human resources and organizational development, in order to provide its customers with a significant business advantage over time.


   Our Values:


  • Innovation - To be the leading company in its field in Israel and abroad in accelerating, accompanying, managing human resources and organizational development while encouraging creative thinking among all employees of the company.


  • Collaboration - Willingness to perform tasks through teamwork and with mutual respect and friendship. To be the source of pride for our employees.


  • Professionalism - To serve as a professional and qualitative arm of companies and organizations while providing uncompromising services for their growth and prosperity through training and breakthrough solutions.


  • Excellence – To work with professional skill in accordance with the customer's needs, while meeting the timeline, budget, and goals of the company.


  • Integrity - Ensuring fairness, reliability, honesty, transparency, and fulfillment of promises in all fields of activity within the company.

We Do This With:​

  • Professional, skilled, enthusiastic, and purposeful personnel.

  • Innovative management solutions and out of the box thinking.

  • Deep and broad business understanding.

  • Proven business management methodologies.

  • Uncompromising service for our clients.

to Services

Our Services


  •  Managing recruitment processes in Israel and abroad

  •  Finding “Pink Unicorns” - candidates for key and special positions

  •  Development of innovative recruitment channels

  •  Locating and recruiting talent

  •  Supporting negotiation processes


Management Of Human Capital


  • Administrative and management support

  • Writing and implementing HR policy

  • Development of employee evaluation processes

  • Creating employee retention & engagement programs

  • Developing a talent management plan

  • Conducting satisfaction / organizational climate surveys

  • Managing employees from “hire to retire”

Organizational Development

  • Development of organizational structure, departments, and interfaces

  • Development of an organizational compensation & benefits policy

  • Creating manager/employee development programs

  • Organizational Culture and Values Development


Career Management

  • Creating an assimilated resume (per position)

  • Interview preparation and coaching

  • Training and guiding using social networks for effective job hunting

  • Career management


The art of actively locating passive candidates

What is a Search?

A Search is a focused recruitment process with a clear methodology that "target" specific candidates after mapping the market and approaching relevant candidates.

When do I use Search?

Unlike the standard recruitment process, the Search process is an excellent solution in the following situations:

• The open position is very senior and discretion is usually necessary.

• The position calls for a unique profile that requires the candidate to                 

    have special skills, experience, and abilities.

• All other channels have failed.


How is the Search process being performed?

  1. Understanding the client’s organization, the field of activity, business strategy, organizational structure, organizational culture, and more.

  2. Defining the required profile and writing a detailed job description.

  3. Mapping the market, locating relevant companies in similar fields of activity, and finding the relevant positions in those companies.

  4. Creating an extensive list of potential candidates that meet the relevant job description requirements.

  5. Checking the accuracy of the list vis-à-vis the client company and setting priorities for addressing the relevant candidates.

  6. Contacting relevant candidates and conducting interviews.

  7. Boiling down the candidate list and presenting several final candidates—including interviews summaries, recommendations, and other relevant information.

  8. Selecting the leading candidate (together with the client) and assisting in the process of negotiations between the final candidate and the organization.

  9. On-Boarding the new employee. Assisting the organization in the process of integrating the new employee.


Why do a Search?

In other words, what is it in for me?

  • A tailormade process specially designed for the needs of the client’s company.

  • An efficient and focused process that ensures results in a relatively short period of time.

  • A process that expands the pool of potential candidates and enables the selection of the most suitable candidate.

  • ROI is expressed in cost benefits procedure, minimum time and efforts spent by the client, and significant reduction of recruiting costs by eliminating recruitment errors.

  • The process allows complete discretion.


It is important to note that the Search process is a duet between the client and the Search company. A good process is conducted in close cooperation and with constant, honest, and open dialogue. The conclusion of a proper Search is the successful recruitment of the most suitable candidate for the organization.


Management Of Human Capital

RampUp provides development of HR services for organizations who do not have a dedicated human resources management function or those that are interested in strengthening and optimizing their existing human resources array.


We offer end-to-end HR services from development to implementation (of strategy, policy, processes, and infrastructure), and on-site hands-on support.


The work methodology has been developed by us over the years and is built on the 3P's:

Philosophy - Philosophy, and policy are equivalent to human resources strategy.
  Which employer do I want to be?

Process - How will the philosophy be reflected in organizational processes?

Procedures - What organizational procedures does the company need?


The goal of the method is to develop organizational tools and implement them to support organizational strategy and serve as a platform for organizational growth.


So, what can we do for you?

  •  Build a human resources strategy to support organizational goals.

  •  Build tools and infrastructure, processes, work plans, and budgets.

  •  Develop policies in various areas (compensations and benefits, recruitment, termination of   employment, welfare, employee’s engagement, managers development programs,   employee’s development programs, and onboarding process).

  •  Accompany and consult managers and employees in organizational change processes.

Organiztion devrlopment

Career Management  

When Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple,

was asked about the secret of his success, he replied:

” Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it.”

What is the connection between love and career?

In the process of career management, is to assist you to find your true love and passion for an occupation.  Through a professional and focused process that examines abilities, experience, and desires, while exploring the opportunities of different career paths, we explore and decide the next stages of a candidate’s career or studies.


Who is the service intended for?

The service is intended for anyone seeking their passion for a meaningful and enjoyable activity, which also guarantees a livelihood.

For example, those who are at the crossroads of decisions about the field of study, changing jobs, switching from self-employed to an employee or vice versa, or looking for a way to develop a second meaningful career path.


What do we offer?

We offer a focused process of several meetings, including:

  • Examine your current position

  • Map your options

  • Define the most optimized path of your professional development


We promise to:

  • accompany you and guide you through the job search process

  • find barriers in the process of your job search

  • upgrade your resume and adjust it to specific jobs

  • provide you with relevant and professional tools to access desirable roles using various recruitment channels

  • prepare you for job interviews

Out of our passion and love for what we do,

we will assist you to find your passion and reach it.


“You fail only when you stop trying"  (Albert Einstein)

Organization Devlopment


"If you do not know where you want to go - any way you choose will be the right way"
Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)

The advice given by the cat to Alice is the essence of change and organizational development. You need to know where you want to go - in order to get there.

It seems trivial.


If so, why even when the road is clear, the target is marked and given direction, more than 60% of the organizations find it difficult to move forward from the planning stage to the strategic implementation stage?


What is organizational development?

Organizational development is an ongoing process aimed at supporting the implementation and assimilation of organizational strategy in a challenging and constantly changing environment. The methodologies and tools of organizational development are closely related to human capital, organizational culture, and human resource policies.


At RampUp, we have developed a model for diagnosis and organizational development, which views the organization holistically as a single organic unit.


The model we developed relates to five areas of organizational influence:

Structure - How is the organization structured? What is its structure? Does the existing structure support the organizational strategy that it wishes to implement?

Strategy - What is the organizational strategy? Where does the organization "want" to go?

Systems - What are the existing organizational systems? Do they support strategy and organizational structure? These may include information systems, organizational processes, and work methods.

Skills What are the current and future capabilities and skills needed among the employees of the organization, so that the organization can meet its goals?

Staff - How all these areas of influence bind together and connect the dimension of human capital, employees and managers of the organization?


At RampUp, we conduct organizational diagnostics, mapping and propose a process of change supported by each of the five areas of organizational influence.

We look at the organization as a unit in itself. And refer to "pay more than the sum of its parts."

to Work

The Team

Shelly Silverstein

Shelly has 20 years of experience working with local and global companies and organizations in areas of HR, consulting for senior managers, recruitment, placement, employee training, management of employee payroll and benefits, organizational infrastructure planning and procedures as well as work methods and more. Throughout her many years of experience, Shelly has worked with companies in various stages of their life cycle, both in setting up small companies and leading them to business and organizational growth, as well as in managing and supporting HR departments in large companies, which include hundreds of employees worldwide. With extensive networking and knowledge in both technology and traditional industries alongside impressive human relations will guarantee deep understanding of your business needs and provides professional services. 


Dudi Inbar

Dudi has decades of experience in establishing and leading companies in Israel and abroad in a variety of fields. He has proven experience in business development, penetration into new markets, financial management, strategic planning, characterization and establishment of organizational infrastructures, leading organizational and business changes, and bringing companies to profitability and economic growth. Combined with a broad systemic perspective, attention to detail, informed decision-making capabilities in conditions of uncertainty, as well as creative "out-of-the-box" thinking, Dudi will create value for the services we
provide to your company.


RampUp’s Australian Shepherd, with a proven track record in carpet chewing and ball chasing will bring your company an endless amount of energy and joy.


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